4/28/09 - We're Famous!

Sort of.  I knew something was up when I checked yesterday's Google Analytics numbers and saw triple the usual visitors.  It turns out the reason behind the surge in traffic is a mention in the latest episode of the always-amusing Airsoftology podcast.  Thanks guys!

Fair is fair, so I've added a link to their site in Partner Sites section.  If you're into airsoft (you're on the wrong website if you're not), then I highly recommend you give them a listen.  I certainly enjoy the show.

4/7/09 - Sniper Rifles Finished

With 108 reviews for 36 rifles, I'm calling the sniper rifle section done.  I think I'll do non-blowback handguns next.  After that it's just gas rifles and we're done.

The database as a whole is just shy of 1500 reviews, which I think is pretty damn good.  It's probably safe to say this is the largest repository of Airsoft reviews on the internet, (likely several times over).  You'd think I'd get more than 20-30 visits per day...

3/16/09 - Fewer and Farther Between

The AEP section is done.  Actually, it was done several days ago, but I wanted to spend some more time searching to see if there really only were 7 models.  I couldn't find any others, but if anybody else does, please let me know.  Sniper rifles are up next.

Zach from Airsoft Reports asked to do a link exchange, and I don't see anything wrong with that.  He has a decent review blog in the making, so I recommend you check it out.  I've added a "Partner Sites" section to the sidebar.  If anybody else has an airsoft-related site and would like a link here, let me know through the feedback form.

3/12/09 - And Another

Shotguns are done.  I think I'll do AEPs next.  There's only a handful of them, so this shouldn't take long.

3/6/09 - Another List Bites the Dust

With 425 reviews for 178 guns, I'm calling the GBB section done.  Of course I'll add any more reviews if and when they are submitted.  I've decided to break the remaining lists into five sections - NBB handguns and revolvers, gas and spring shotguns, gas and spring sniper rifles, AEPs, and gas rifles.  After the last week I'm pretty much sick of looking at handgun reviews, so I think I'll start with the shotguns.  The list should be much smaller than AEGs or GBBs, so it should only take a couple days.

3/3/09 - Who Made Who?

I've added a manufacturer / distributor / rebrander / alias disambiguation page.  It's in the site menu on the left.  All guns in the review database are listed by original manufacturer only, so use this page if you come across a rebrand and want to find a review for it.

3/2/09 - GBB Section Started

The gas blowback database is now open and the first hundred or so GBB reviews have been entered.  Expect another 20-50 reviews per day until it's finished.

3/1/09 - AEG Section Finished

Finished enough, anyway.  273 guns and almost 900 reviews.  Not bad for a week's work.  I'll start on GBBs tomorrow.  I've opened up the review submission form, so if you know of any AEG reviews that I don't have in the database, fill out the form and I'll add them.

2/26/09 - Getting There

I broke down and acquired the domain "", which is a hell of a lot easier to remember than the full Google Sites URL.  I installed Google Analytics to see if anybody's actually using the database.  So far, the answer is "Not many".
The AEG database is still filling up nicely.  I've got over 200 guns and nearly 600 reviews so far.  Another couple days and the AEG section should be done-ish.

2/24/09 - Debut

The AEG review database is finally large enough that it might actually be of some use to the public, so it is now open.  I am aware that it is nowhere near complete.  It will continue to fill up with new entries every day, for at least as long as I am unemployed and bored.

Once the AEG database is sufficiently full of the reviews I can find, I'll open it up for people to submit reviews that I've missed.  At the same time I will move on to the GBB database, then spring shotguns and sniper rifles.
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